Dancing with the Goddess

Deity relationships are never the same for anyone. Many times we are the ones to go after and seek out gods and goddesses to work with. Sometimes, though, they come knocking all on their own. When we seek out deity, often we know what we desire to work on, we have some idea of a plan and how to go about getting done what needs doing

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Reflect, Refresh, Renew

Today marks the dark moon, a perfect time for reflection and observance; it's also a great time to begin new things. Even more auspicious about today is that it's a solar eclipse, which in and of itself is potent energy. Mystic Medusa says "Stay with it and on the 'renewal' vibe and you will get the visionary vibe of this. Muffle, deny, ignore or shut down and it won't work." Even if you don't follow astrology, this shift happening is clearly palpable.

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Leaping into Spring

The latest CAYA Newsletter has posted: PantheaCon Reflections and Leaping into Spring! Within it you'll find links to CAYA clergy blogs, and upcoming events.

Tonight is the Fathers of Change working. I invite all self-identified men to do this working alongside my brothers, and I invite everyone else to send loving energy to them to support the work they are doing.

- Blessings -

Prophecy and Initiation

Blessed Imbolc! As the wheel of the year continues to turn, we are presented with the first signs of spring. The days are visibly growing longer, and Winter is slowly becoming a memory. Well, sort of. Storms continue to rage nation wide as we deal with El Niño and other big weather, including recent blizzards. Nonetheless, this is a time of renewal.

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