Blessed New Year

With Mercury now direct, I officially welcome you to the new year. Happy New Year!!!!!

This year ahead has a lot going on for me; I’m wrapping up my Advanced Wildflower training, and I’ll be initiating into my new tradition, the Grove of Artemis. My tribe, the Mothers of the New Time, is also going to Glastonbury this year to present at the Goddess Conference there. Plus other exciting bits that are still in development, that I will gladly share about at another time. 

My Advanced Wildflower training has been quite the dive into my deeper self, and I’ve not had near as much time to write as I had initially thought I might. I’ve been keeping busy with uncovering layers of myself I once thought gone forever, as well as learning to expand my capacity by creating a whole tradition from the ground up. It wasn’t without help, though it also was not light work.

The Grove of Artemis will be having it’s first ritual in March in Portland, OR, with monthly online devotionals to commence on April 6th. Taking on these initiatory vows will mark my third time in three years. Perhaps it’s auspicious, good things come in threes. Perhaps it’s coincidence, random happenstance of sisterhood, community, and strength. Perhaps it’s both, or is absolutely nothing. No matter what it may or may not be, I signed up for this beautiful life - and I wouldn’t trade one bit of it.

I can’t make any guarantees to my level of writing commitment, I’ve already tried that and have not succeeded. I get great ideas, and then they fall to the wayside before I can manifest a whole post out of them. I strive to improve upon my skills in this regard, and hope to deliver in the nearest future possible while still maintaining a shred of sanity.

One thing I do want to start offering though is readings. This has been a big part of why I made this website happen, and has yet to become available. I am really great at biting off more than I can chew, but I really do need to start working on more things that bring me joy. Readings are one small way that I can use my healing abilities, and, as I’ve learned over the past two years, I’m not doing enough of it. These readings go to keeping this site up and running, as well as helping to build up my savings account to begin to offer more products.

Right now on the Readings page is a Year Ahead reading. You'll get one card pulled for each month of the year, plus one card that will serve as a theme or focus point.