Coming Back Around

This time last year, I was sitting at my altar thinking about what I wanted to do in life. I took a hard look inside and started wondering what life would be like if things were different, if I was actually doing the things that brought me joy all of the time. I remembered how much I enjoyed writing, and how it was a useful tool to share the healing messages from the divine. It took me a couple of months, but eventually I started the process of getting back into the swing of it all. I had a great run until I decided to take it one step further. Then I took a leap…

Six months ago I acquired this website. I toyed around with it for a time, but kept forgetting to circle back around to what had gotten me there in the first place. I allowed life to get in the way of actively bringing myself happiness. Around the same time that I created this space, I ordained as a High Priestess, I took on an additional initiation, and I committed to building a whole other tradition. It’s a lot of moving pieces, and certainly a lot of work, but they’re each a part of the larger whole.

I am now, as I always have been (just ask my mother), the Priestess. It has always been my life’s work to walk this path. As I create spaciousness in other parts of my life, whittling away that which does not serve, I remember more and more what I’m here to do. I remember that which is important, that which actually brings me joy. I remember that I’m here to make a difference. So here I am!

I am committing to a minimum once per week writing schedule, this will likely look like a Wednesday post and a Thursday email. While this may change as I get into a better routine, it’s something solid for me to plan around and to provide a proper foundation. In addition to that, I’m going to start building out the shop. I’ll be starting with email based tarot readings, and will build up to other online consultations. As those features roll out, I’ll be working on developing other, tangible, products. So keep your eyes peeled!