Reflect, Refresh, Renew

Today marks the dark moon, a perfect time for reflection and observance; it's also a great time to begin new things. Even more auspicious about today is that it's a solar eclipse, which in and of itself is potent energy. Mystic Medusa says "Stay with it and on the 'renewal' vibe and you will get the visionary vibe of this. Muffle, deny, ignore or shut down and it won't work." Even if you don't follow astrology, this shift happening is clearly palpable.

The dark moon focus that my coven reflects on is: How have I lacked follow through? When have I knowingly given less than my best, and why?

Coming out of one training, and going into another, this is a perfect subject to ponder. I can think back to a time in my past initiate year where I could have given more of myself and didn't, that book that I didn't finish reading and should have, that thing that I should have offered to do but held back just long enough for someone else to offer. I'm sure there are several other instances that aren't coming to mind right off as well. Though taking this knowledge as I directly move into another initiation year is valuable, it will help shape me and my focus for the tasks to come. Now I can see patterns that I can aim to avoid, even if I'm not perfect, I'll be better.

With life in general, I'm a big thinker. I loved philosophy because it gave me an excellent space where I could just think and ask questions that were vital to continued thinking and processing. When I get ideas in my head, I often only think about them. I think about them so hard and so frequently that I often get disappointed when I don't see active results - meanwhile I've never taken strict action, so there's nothing to deliver results in the works. This year, however, I'm working to change that. I know for a fact that if I set my mind to something that I will work hard at it to make it the best possible thing. I decided I was going to join this priestess tribe, and I turned my life around to set me up perfectly for being asked to join - and then completed my training with flying colors. I decided that I was important, and wound up getting a promotion that I had been wanting for over a year. I decided, and results followed.

Taking all of that, and turning it into a real-life thing - I'm opening a new website today. I will be moving all of my blog content, and updates will only come from the new space. I will also begin to offer divination readings, personalized spell kits, and various crafts as they are available. This is going to be a slow process as I create the spaciousness in my life to be able to work on this while also tending to my day job, family, and Priestesshood. But it's happening - I decided.