Funny How Time Flies

Today marks my 3 year anniversary with WordPress. This blog space has changed so much over the years. When I first started, nearing the end of my first Initiation, I had two blogs. One (which I no longer update) was for my everyday life with an emphasis on family, and the other (this one) was for witchy things only.

In part, having the two individual spaces was a lot of me trying to figure out which blogging platform I liked more - WordPress or Blogger, and the rest was me trying to keep my witch life separate from my mundane life - so as to not upset any one realm of my readers. I wanted to attract busy moms, so that they knew it was okay to have a hard day - and not immediately repel them because I was talking about herbs and crystals. I wanted to have a voice in the Pagan community, and likewise not repel them because I was talking of the struggles of my reality - namely parenthood.

I found it hard to categorize which topic went where. Did my child's nightmare's fall more into everyday life, or magic because of how I dealt with it? Did the process of Initiation fall under witchy things because it was for a coven, or life because of all of the changes that I went through in aspects not related to being a witch at all? There was too much overlap, and the constant confusion and division in my life made it hard to write at all. So I walked away.

Eventually I came back for the Pagan Blog Project, speared headed by Jess Carlson (who has since stopped the program). I got through many of the topics for a while, though I found it hard to force a writing prompt after some time. I was also having a lot of struggles around making time to write within the confines of the program. I backdated many of my posts, which made me feel insincere to my followers (few as they were). I also chose to not write at all about my family/everyday life, to solely focus on how I interacted with the magical world. But then I walked away from that too.

When I came back this last time, I had a different focus altogether. I decided that separating the different aspects of my life was not okay. As Priestess, my focus is on the whole of life, up to, and including, death. As Priestess, I decided that the shoes I walk in to work with are the same shoes that I walk in to ritual with. There is no difference. There is only me. My blog finally came to reflect that, and I couldn't be happier.

I'm looking forward to where the next 3 years takes me. I'm hoping to build out offerings in the coming months, and to build a more regular posting schedule - or not. I've got many ideas, but I'm mostly going with the flow. I learned that trying to force a daily post is just unreasonable for where I'm at in life right now, and I've switched to a model where I write when I write - and it's going to be good no matter what.

Here's to the next 3 years :)