The World Mourns Again

First it was David Bowie... And now Alan Rickman... All because of cancer. Well, fuck cancer!

Honestly, I'm not familiar with David Bowie's work, and I've not yet seen his popular movie Labyrinth - though I hear it's well worth my time to do so. Also, if I've heard any of his music, I don't recall right off. I've seen and heard such great things about him and I'm sad that I've missed out on the joy he has to offer while he was still alive What did me in was hearing about Alan Rickman.

I recognize Rickman most readily from the Harry Potter franchise. Even though I've not finished the series (movie or book - I'm working on it, I swear!), he had an impact on my life. Though I suppose that's true for most others as well. I'm saddened that he has gone to the realm of the ancestors, that he's no longer able to contribute in the realm of the living. I'm saddened that the world as I know it will never be the same.

I feel for my friends who are heavily mourning Bowie. He may not have had any real impact on my life, though I know he is the reason that some of my good friends are alive and well today. He was an empowering force in showing people that it was okay to be exactly who they already were, or wanted to be. It's devastating to watch my friends keen over such a loss.

Both of these men passed at 69, and by the unforgiving hands of cancer. I know that many others are writing similar posts as I, yet I'm still with pen in hand. Cancer has already taken a loved one from me, and I am not so forgiving for it taking others as well. I hope and pray that scientists can find an equally relentless cure for this horrible disease. I hope and pray that those who are left behind in the wake of a loved ones passing can find peace in knowing that those who have transitioned on are now without pain.

I also hope that these now beloved ancestors will continue to guide the world of the living, that they will come when we call for help and inspiration. I pray that they find a swift and happy rebirth so that the next generations can learn from them just as we have.