Battling the Sick

It really kinda sucks when we find ourselves bogged down with the sick. The stupid germs are out to ruin our lives as we know them. And, unfortunately, Kindergarten is a marvelous breeding ground for it all.

My poor boy has been off and on sick (maybe some of it has been allergies, I don't even know anymore) for the past 2-3 weeks straight. Not to mention the other ups and downs we've had with illness and allergies since he started Kindergarten last August. This time around, during the first real Winter that California has seen in years, I'm bogged down with the hateful germs too. I spent my second of two weeks on vacation more sick than not, with minimal energy to do anything. I had the first week back at work fine and dandy, to then find myself stuck in a tissue nightmare all over again.

Thanks to this cold, I nearly bailed at the last second for a 5k that I signed up for. I had to cancel my plans of going to Monday Night Dinner with my friends. I nearly didn't go on my lunch-time run today. And now I'm sitting at my computer wondering how the hell I'm going to get sleep tonight when I can't breathe through my poor, chapped, nose. I haven't been writing, though I've got great ideas, and it makes me feel bad that I must prioritize my health over my joy. Heh...

I'm learning in this time of frustration to take things as they come. I'm getting some of the things that I need to deal with accomplished, which is nice. Though I'm also not getting done other things that are just as important. I set really high goals for myself last November, and found it hard to keep up when my thought bubbles ran dry. I set more moderate goals for 2016, and am still struggling to keep up simply because I have only one energy spoon and three jars to put it in.

It's never easy when dealing with illness, and when it comes around as often as it seems to here - it becomes more draining than one would anticipate. Finding the time to step back and breathe has been invaluable. Making the time for me (even if it's not focused on writing) is also important. I value myself, and that means my health too.