We're all Connected

In our day to day lives, we hear an abundance of language. There are dialects and slight variations on the same general language in every region of the world. Every culture has its' own way of communicating verbally. What if there was another, non-verbal, way of communication? How could we revolutionize the world?

It is known that many animals are only vocal when "talking" with humans, or when expressing certain emotions. If you don't believe me, go and get yourself two cats or two dogs - or even one of each, and do your own study. I'm also sure that this applies to other species. Take birds for example, sure they caw and tweet and coo at one another. However, the murder of crows that live around my apartment aren't all that vocal most of the time. With these particular birds, it seems like they use verbal language as an enhancement, not as a foundation. So what is their language?

Animals, we may not understand them completely - but they use non-verbal communications as the foundation of their language. Now, what about trees? Do they communicate with each other? I think they do. Here's even an article about it. And here, we get the notion of a "wood wide web". Following each of these sources, we know that plants can communicate with each other through various means. The root systems in place that are connected via mycelia can connect an entire forest, and through that they can share nutrients or even send a distress call in times of danger. I wonder if they talk about anything else.

Plants do it, animals do it - what about humans? Is it so far off to think that humans can have a non-verbal form of communication as well? We are, after all, part of the animal kingdom. It's been proven that we pick up on hormones and pheromones through smell. In the NPR podcast Invisibilia, in their show Fearless, they talk about the science behind smelling the sweat of someone who is genuinely afraid, and how there is a physical reaction to it. But is there anything beyond that? Is telepathy possible?

Within my coven, we have a "hive mind". We have a daily practice that we do, which helps to put us on the same wave length. And when something happens to one of us, someone else picks up on it and is able to check in. Not three weeks ago I did this very thing. Right around Samhain, the Aspirants and Initiates take a field trip to the Chapel of the Chimes and have a picnic at the neighboring cemetery. I was cleaning house that same day and I recall having this need to check in with one who was on that trip.

Having a deep urge to touch base with someone is not exactly a new thing for me. That day, with this particular person, was the deepest I'd ever felt that need though. I can't explain what it felt like, but it was a sensation I couldn't ignore. In other instances, it seemed more like my timing was impeccable rather than this telepathic line of communication. However, I happened to feel like saying 'hi' to someone, as it turns out, right as they were talking about me with someone else. Then there were days where instead of saying 'hi', I sent "<hugs>" instead - come to find out, that person really did need a hug right then.

I can't say for certain what any of this is fueled by. But I think that it's clear enough to say that there is some level of connection between all living beings. There's an unexplainable phenomenon that occurs between mothers and children, sometimes we just know that something is wrong - and we won't stop until someone believes us. Who's to say that this can never happen on a larger scale? Who's to say that this can never happen with jovial communiques?

I wonder what all is possible if we all were able to connect mentally. I wonder how much nicer we would be to each other if we knew that everyone could be listening in. I wonder how much kinder we would be if we no longer had visual associations - we wouldn't be able to judge a person on their looks, we would have to use rational thought.

How much more inclusive would we be of individuals who are disabled? Would we start taking mental illness seriously? I wonder what advances we could make in science if we were no longer being stopped by language barriers. Or even if we could talk to people without knowing what credentials they had - not all of the intelligent people of the world are formally educated.

If we just let language go, I bet we could see all of the other ways we're all connected. When one person smiles, the whole room lights up. When one person is upset, many come rushing in to offer help. We can use these things to our advantage, to the advantage of the Earth, so let's.