When Inspiration Strikes

Oh the things you learn when you jump in to new adventures... I've had some great ideas in the past week - most of which happen when I'm nowhere near a place to write them down. I've found, too,  that the ones that I have been able to write down in the same moment that they occurred often don't also have the full extent of the feeling that came with it.

I thought I was being all smart the other day with getting ideas written down to better prepare for the days when ideas weren't coming. Turns out that those ideas don't mean the same when looked at two or three days later. Perhaps this is a lack of adequate note taking, perhaps those ideas were only meant for that particular moment with that set of circumstances.

How many opportunities have been missed simply because we had this great idea and went "Oh, I'll remember that"? How many opportunities will continue to be missed because we've yet to re-train our brains to take a minute and write it down, or take full action? How many other things will we miss out on because we've simply become accustomed to saying "later"?

Sometimes these inspirations come knocking when we truly can't take action on it. Say your inspiration was a painting that you've been staring at as a blank canvas until one day you finally get "it", but that moment was in the middle of a business meeting with a client. It is in those moments when we must brainstorm and figure out how else to communicate it or get it copied down for later.

Then when we are about to take action on whatever ideas decided to come through, we can work it to achieve greatness. It can be an art commission that we'd been putting off until the last second to find that whatever finally came to mind was a synchronous event for the client - and now they want to commission more work from you. It can be anything, really. All you have to do is show up with your all.

So, when inspiration strikes - it's often best to jump on that train.