Where Fantasy Meets Life

It's no secret that I love to read. Reading is a dear pleasure of mine, and I'm not sure what I would do with myself if I wasn't able to take part. It sometimes acts as an escape from reality, and sometimes it's pleasurable entertainment that lasts longer than a standard movie. Along the way, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to walk among my favorite characters.

Of all of the books that I've read, there haven't been many that I've not liked. Really, there's only been one bad enough, that wasn't an assignment in High School, that I couldn't even bear to finish. All of the others have been anywhere between decent and phenomenal. I wish I could say that I remember everything I've ever read, but that is far from the case. The books that I've loved are more firm in my mind, as they should be :)

It should be known that I prefer book series to one-off stories. I like to really get to know the characters, and one-off books don't really give one that level of insight. With that, there are really two different stories that I wish I could either pull characters into today's world or travel to theirs.

The first story that I wish I could travel to is the 'Sword of Truth' series. Specifically Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor. I so admire her strength and bravery. She's knowledgeable and well educated. In her land, her office is the highest authority of all - but that's not why I want to be near her. I want to be near her because even though she has all of the power of her birthright, as well as her office, she still cares for her people with a pure heart.

Some of that is in her nature by the power of her birthright, but knowing the powers inside of her - most of it is her. She's also a skilled swordsman, and is a fearsome sight in battle. The series is 12 books long with a prequel in the original set. Terry Goodkind then wrote a pre-prequel, and then wrote a follow-up series of four more books (the fourth and final book releases Nov 17, 2015).

Kahlan is a badass woman that I would love to marry one day, and if I couldn't, I'd still be honored to be her friend. There are other characters in the books that I'd also love to befriend. If I could take a one-way ticket to her world, I would jump on that train without a second thought.

The other story that I wish I could be a part of is the Dowser series. Jade Godfrey is half-witch and comes into the full extent of her powers as the books go on. She is a character that any girl can relate to, the issues that she deals with in her own body are ones that many other girls deal with on a daily basis. Also, her best friend is a werewolf who is constantly sporting green hair. And when the two of them get going on a project, they can move mountains.

This is a newer series. I just came across it earlier this year, and there's only five published books. Meghan Ciana Doidge is currently working on writing book six, and is teasing us readers with her other series 'Oracle' - which is its' own thing, but does cross paths with 'Dowser'.

Since this story seems to be in modern day Canada, it seems far more likely to be able to cross paths with these characters. I've often wondered what it would be like to do so. The characters are all in hiding with their gifts among the normal humans, but what if my current magickal stance was transformed just enough to be able to meld right in?

At the end of the day it's all fantasy. Though it really is nice to be able to take the time out of the otherwise boring day and wonder "what if?".