The Spirits Call

Stepping into the frost covered wood, feeling the moss squish between my toes. Anticipating, waiting, wondering. Is anyone there? Continuing forth, honoring the trees as I pass, I hear the sounds. A crunch, a crack, a single call.

Catching sight of them between the leaves, I see the fluttering bees. Stepping lightly over the roots, ducking under the low hanging boughs. Soon I make my way to the center. Circling me are the trees. New, old, somewhere in between - they're all older than I could dream.

Glowing eyes begin to wake. Heartbeats hammering in the distance, there is a humming I cannot place. Returning to stillness, I take my place. Sitting on the ground, I place my hands down. I fell Her, I know Her.

Moonlight shines from above. I know I am home. Creeping around me, they dare not speak. Slowly, silently, gently. They come closer yet. I feel them there, just beyond that bush. I know She is there too. Turning my head to see, dare I speak?

Tears stinging my eyes, I cannot wait. Patient, strong, I am more than I think. Calming my breath, the steam begins to rise. My skin a smokey sight. I light the flame and offer my heart. I knew I was Hers from the start.

Time passes and still I wait. Encircling me, they have staked their claim. From whence I came She steps forth. Bowing my head, I offer my being. Life, breath, soul - all on the line. I know Her, I trust Her, I am Hers.

The time has come, I must return. Stepping back, I give my thanks. Knowing it will rebirth, I leave behind that which does not serve. Stepping to the winding path, I make my way back to the start. Changed, changing, I am not the same.

Reaching the end, I take one glance back. Crystal clear, through the trees, She will always find me. Settled in this knowing, I take the leap. I close my eyes, and there She is. Safe and sound She will always be. Protected in the hearts of those like me.