Writing is a Funny Sort of Thing

Writing has always been a pleasure of mine, though I was never one to sit down and do it. Yet, here I am now, writing in a daily excursion - making it happen. Though, admittedly, this is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. Perhaps this is the real reason why I never did it before, perhaps it was because I never knew why I was really doing it.

Today I flipped through my various prompts trying to find motivation, find something that I was passionate enough about that I could write more than 100 words. I found one... "Why do you write?" What more fitting of a prompt for a day that had yet to provide any other seed of inspiration.

I write because I have a desire to help people, and I know that one of the ways that I can do that is by using my voice through whatever means necessary. I write because I know that if I'm struggling through one of my many aspects of life - someone else must be as well. If not today, perhaps tomorrow or the day after. If I'm writing, whomever may be struggling can find their way to my words and know that they are not alone.

I'm writing to help myself. I have finally wrapped my head around the fact that I, too, can be the beneficiary of my own hard working efforts. Writing is a way for me to build connections, and through those connections I can build a whole new life. What it will look like - I have no idea, but I trust that writing is one of the many paths that I can take to get there.

I write because it's another tool to keep in my arsenal for times when I am stressed, or times when I need to check out of whatever situation I'm in. It's become a form of meditation, and meditation is scientifically proven to get and keep stress levels minimized. Science. :)

In addition to all of that, my life has been more or less focused on what a person can achieve if they have enough passion to get it done. Writing is my way of being able to express all of it. I am a single mother who went through 2 years of training to become a Priestess who serves her community. I am also now taking another year of training to gain an entirely different skill set, and am planning to take yet another year of training. I work a full-time job to pay the bills, and then come home to a different 24/7 job. Somewhere during all of that, I get to squeeze in any fun time I want to have, plus tend to any Priestess duties that I may arise as well.

I am doing some bad-ass shit over here. And I'm doing it with more grace than not. I am still human and still have my flaws and short-comings, however, I get back up, take corrective action, and then move along to get everything else done. I still struggle with many things in life, but I know the path that I'm on - and I refuse to let anything deter me from that goal.

Writing is fun, and I certainly hope that it's never not fun. I may hit writer's block here and there, but it's still enjoyable when the words start flowing. I've got a silly grin on my face now, and I'll know climbing in to bed tonight that I've done something. It's that 'something' that keeps me going. No matter what life throws at me, I will have a way to rise above.