I am Goddess

I am Woman. I am Priestess. I am Queen. I am Goddess.

My body is sacred, my blood is indomitable. I am whole unto myself.

Venus of Willendorf
Venus of Willendorf

Today is my birthday, and I am reasserting my Goddess given power. The Goddess is in each of us. We don't all have to call Her by the same name, nor do we have to envision Her the same. She is everywhere. She is in every being. She is you. She is me.

This year I embarked on a new training endeavor. Within my coven, there are different traditions. There are: the Wildflowers - without whom we would have no coven, and which hosts the co-ed based and full moon circles; the Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe - the self-identified women's group; and the Greenmen - the self- identified men's group. Each Priest/ess/x must train with the Wildflowers before they are allowed to be considered for study within either of the other two groups.

Initiate years are always a process. They involve external knowledge transfers, and multiple life experiences that are bound to shake the Initiate to their core. Each Initiate year is its' own beast. Sometimes you get a bed of roses, sometimes a bed of thorns - occasionally a bed of equal parts of each. Initiations are supposed to be a challenge in some way or another; they are, after all, a test to see if you are worthy of the new responsibilities that lie ahead.

For me, this year has been mostly about finding and believing in my own personal sovereignty. I am blessed to have my teachers, I am blessed to have my friends, and I am proud to have myself. This path is about more than just that though. However, it's all lived experience, and that's not something that I (or anyone else) can explain.

Through this path, I am becoming the true version of me. The version that doesn't make decisions based on what other people think or desire. The version who can achieve anything for the sole reason of pleasing herself. I am growing and blossoming, and I am thriving.